Why hire a professional after hours electrician?

Faults, emergencies and electricity have no timeline, with emergency electrical issues occurring at any time, despite your late-night or weekend plans...


Working with electricity is very serious and potentially hazardous. Skip the risk and the 'backyard' electricians and opt to leave it in expert hands by hiring a professionally trained electrician. 


Using a professional electrician boasts a range of benefits far beyond a title. Maximising the safety of all involved and ensuring the job is done right. Not convinced? Check out some of our top reasons to hire a professional after-hours electrician below:


1 - Qualified expert

Up to date with the latest laws and conditions that apply to electrical services work, professional electricians not only have the know-how but the qualifications to do a range of electrical works that others are legally unable to carry out. Electrical faults are often too dangerous or unknown for general homeowners or unqualified electricians to tackle, with particular electrical installations requiring a certified electrician by law.


A qualified expert provides peace of mind and gains above others when it comes to particular types of work that need to be approved by local authorities.


2 - Time and money

When it comes to electrical faults, time wasted can often have devasting results beyond just money. Delayed services awaiting a general 9-5 electrician over a professional after hours resource could end in:

  • increased risk/harm to you or those in the immediate surroundings

  • risk of fines or penalties for not obeying OH&S

  • extended damages that fall beyond immediate/elementary repair

  • time away from your abode or occupation due to delayed maintenance 

  • unease and lack of authority over quality control

  • drained financial resources attending to any/all of the above

Don't waste a second when it comes to emergency electrical services. It is never worth the risk. 


3 - The highest standards

When it comes to quality results and sleeping easy knowing a job has been completed with integrity, you need not look further than a professional, qualified and certified electrician like Smart Smart Electrical and Security Services. Delivering the standard of care and services you can expect from a professional, SE&SS have the knowledge and expertise to enable safe working practices with the correct tools and electrical components to complete the work safely and efficiently. Saving time, stress and ultimately money.


4 - Knowledge beyond your means

To guarantee safety and efficiency, electrical work for your home or business should never be left in the hands of amateurs or unqualified D.I.Y'ers. 


While those who are into DIY (Do It Yourself) may have the best intentions and the 'can do spirit' they simply do not have the knowledge or skills to carry out an electrical job safely. 


Among many skills and qualifications, professional after hours electricians have extensive electrical knowledge. Understanding the intricacies of electrical faults, electrical emergencies and general electricals to deliver safe and practical electrical solutions.


Some of this knowledge includes:

  • Regulations (and how current they are)

  • Industry changes (this could include: colour changes of cables cores, required types of circuit breakers)

  • The need to advise and possibly seek the approval of local authorities

  • Floor/wall removal techniques that ensure safety and minimal disruption and inconvenience

  • Precise locations for drilling to fit cables in wall cavities

  • The optimal locations/techniques for fitting cables

  • The size and thickness of particular cables required and when

  • The size needed for fuses and circuit breakers

  • The number of sockets that can be supplied from one fuse

  • And many, many more!


For safety, sanity and simplicity - always hire a professional when it comes to electrical services. For a trusted and reliable service, in emergencies, after hours or for general electrical services, call Smart Electrical and Security Solutions.


Need an emergency electrician?

See the emergency services we offer here or click here for a full list of our general electrical and security services.

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